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Service Dog Program
by Zen dog Training

All dogs graduating our program meet or exceed the ADA Standards for Service Dogs. Teams are trained to a minimum of 3 tasks associated with their handler's disability as well as rigorous public etiquette training for both dog and handler to minimize access problems when working in public. 

Dogs stay with their owners for the duration of training and the owner is taught how to train the dog to perform tasks and maintain proper behavior in public. We find this to be the most successful method because the owner knows how to handle any future breakdown in training, if necessary. 

We are also available for assistance for the life of the dog. We can help you train an existing dog, if you already have one, or we can help you select an appropriate candidate for the specific type of job you need. If bringing a dog, we will need to do a temperament test to make sure they fit the criteria we are looking for in a service dog. Dogs must reach a minimum of 30lbs at maturity, must have calm, stable demeanor, and be willing to perform needed tasks. All equipment and training tools are included in the program and the dog is issued a certification upon completion of our program.


Payment plans are accepted. Regardless of final price, the deposit required to begin training and sign a service dog contract is $1500. We try to make payment plans that are accessible to the handler teams we are training, all service dog programs must be paid in full before a certification can be issued. While we can't give out pricing before assessing your unique situation, our prices are a bit lower than what you see advertised in the media of $10-30,000. This is because we are an owner train program. The cost is lower because the dog is not living with us for the duration of training. If you need a special accommodation where the dog spends more time with us, we can set you up on a special program to ensure that your needs are met. 

Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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