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9Weeks to Zen 
by Zen dog Training

Is your dog full of chaos?

Or maybe you just know they could be better?

Hello! We can take a pretty good guess at why you're here. 

You've got a dog that's not getting to live their best life because of behaviors that could cause anything from mild embarrassment, to all out danger. 

We understand how tough this can be for you and your dog. 

It's frustrating to have to put the dog away because he jumps all over guests, or he barks like crazy at the neighbors, or every squirrel, cat, or passing leaf blowing in the wind, for that matter. 

It's embarrassing to have to apologize to the neighbor (again) because the dog is barking all day, or the dog dug under the fence, or tore up trash that blew into their yard. 

And then, there are the bigger things. The liability stuff. He's lunging at people on walks, picking fights with other dogs, snapping at guests, or worse: He's already bitten someone. Maybe a child, even. 

Even if its nothing major, maybe you just KNOW that your dog could have a better life if not for problems like:

Even if its nothing major, maybe you just KNOW that your dog could have a better life if not for problems like:

Refusing to come when called.

Tearing up the house when not supervised.

Not being able to invite guests over because of the jumping, snapping, or other behavior. 

Not being able to go on walks in the neighborhood because the dog's leash manners are so poor.

Going to the vet's office or farmer's market, or hiking is a nightmare.

Stealing items and playing keep away.
Causing fights with other dogs in the home. 

We all know it's not supposed to be like this. 

Owning a dog should be fun. It should be rewarding, fulfilling and most of all, you should enjoy the time you have with them. After all, their time here is too short to be spent in trouble. 

Enter our program "Nine Weeks to Zen" 

After years of experience working with dogs in every situation imaginable, we put together a custom built program, designed with YOUR dog in mind. 

This program has been utilized on THOUSANDS of dogs all over several states and some from all the way across the country. People are literally shipping dogs to us for this program. 


Because it works. and when you see it firsthand, you will want your dog to experience it. 

Imagine sending your dog off to a resort where they are treated like a beloved family member and they learn to behave and listen and they come back refreshed and ready for life with you! 

What does that look like?

ON leash obedience:

  • Able to go on walks without pulling, even when distractions are present.

  • Able to ignore dogs, cats, kids, squirrels and other things you may encounter on a walk.

  • The ability to go out in public and have your dog follow calmly, sit politely while you visit with a friend, place an order, or even while waiting at the vet's office. 

  • The ability to walk around the park politely, even when other dogs are going crazy and pulling, barking, or lunging at them. 

OFF leash obedience:

  • Able to go out to the lake and run on the beach.

  • Able to go hiking off leash on your favorite trail. 

  • The ability to play frisbee at the park.

  • Hanging out in the front yard while you work in the flower beds, or relax on the porch, or visit with the neighbor. Yes, the one she used to bark at. 

  • Having the freedom to run and play, knowing that he will come back when it's time to go. 

Manners in the home

  • A dog that doesn't jump on guests.

  • A dog who doesn't chew up your furniture or things in your home.

  • One who knows how to act calmly when someone is at the door.

  • Who can sleep out in the house without you dreading what you're going to wake up and find. 

  • A dog you can trust to not steal food from the kids. 

Behavior modification

  • This is for the big stuff. We change the things your dog is struggling with. Things like aggression, anxiety, fear, and even biting or attacking people or animals. We help your dog find a sense of calm so that they can relax and enjoy life, instead of watching for triggers or living in fear. 

Our program can change everything 

for you. 

In 6 weeks, you can have a dog that the neighbors will look at and say:

"Wow, I wish my dog behaved like that."

But, keep in mind: this takes work. On both our part and yours. We offer this program a on a few different levels based on your needs and the needs of your dog. It is customized to fit your goals and desires into the basic core of the program. But it's not a "fix it and forget it" program. There will likely be minor changes when the dog comes home. You'll have to do some follow up lessons and some transitional work. Because our program is so unique, we have found ways to add efficiency so that its probably a lot less work than you might think.

And make no mistake; it's worth it. 

This program is guaranteed to work. What other dog training company offers that? 

It's also important to note that we don't turn your dog into a robot, devoid of any fun or character. We help your family pet learn to behave and happily obey because they want to.

And we do it in a way that is quicker, easier and more complete than any other training program. 

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