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Hi! I'm Lola
I have been training dogs since 2001 and I specialize in severe aggression, fear cases, and major behavior issues.  I also love working with Service Dogs and their owners.
I began early in life by taking on dogs from Tulsa's animal shelter that were less likely to be adopted due to behavior issues. Most of these dogs were waiting to be euthanized and without intervention, would not have had a chance at life. 
Today, I operate Zen Dog Training with the help of my junior trainers on my family farm. We have 45 acres of trails and large play areas for dogs to roam. The dogs are worked with multiple times throughout the day and exposed to children, other dogs, livestock, walking trails, and typical daily noise that they would encounter at home. We don't train in a sterile environment. I promise its just as noisy here as it is at your home. Maybe even louder! 


Click below to hear an interview with Lola:


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