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Hi! I'm Lola
I have been training dogs since 2001 and I specialize in severe aggression, fear cases, and major behavior issues.  I also love working with Service Dogs and their owners.
I began early in life by taking on dogs from Tulsa's animal shelter that were less likely to be adopted due to behavior issues. Most of these dogs were waiting to be euthanized and without intervention, would not have had a chance at life. 
Today, I operate Zen Dog Training with the help of my junior trainers on my family farm. We have 45 acres of trails and large play areas for dogs to roam. The dogs are worked with multiple times throughout the day and exposed to children, other dogs, livestock, walking trails, and typical daily noise that they would encounter at home. We don't train in a sterile environment. I promise its just as noisy here as it is at your home. Maybe even louder! 


Click below to hear an interview with Lola:


  • Will I have to leave my dog?
    In short, no. If you are looking to work with the dog yourself and complete the training in your home, we have private lesson packages available. Sometimes people come to us with a problem that is more than they can manage on their own. In this case, we typically like to board the dog here for the first part of training. After the boarding, they will go home with a training plan to be continued by their owners with back up lessons here.
  • How soon can I come visit my dog after I drop him off for boarding?
    We have a 100% open door policy. This means that you are not only welcome, but encouraged to come and visit your dog as often as you would like. We have had some people come out every single day and while this is not required, we absolutely don’t mind you coming and watching what we are doing. We just ask that you call ahead of time and give us notice if you plan to come out so that you don’t show up during someone else’s appointment.
  • How much does it cost to get my dog trained with you?
    This is a tricky question to answer. All of our training packages are custom built to meet the needs of you and your dog. This means that until we meet you guys, we can’t really give you an accurate price quote. We factor in both the abilities of the owner along with the issues that the dog is experiencing when we price out our packages. One German Shepherd with an aggression problem may have a $2500 training plan while another German Shepherd with an aggression problem may have a $3500 training plan. If you are shopping around to find the cheapest option, I can tell you that we are not it. Our prices are purely based on the results that you receive and in this business, you definitely get what you pay for. Our lowest cost option is our group class and we do those off of an interest list. If you would like to be added to the interest list for a group class, send us a message and we will put you on the list and you will be notified of the next one.
  • Why is payment required upfront?
    We started requiring payment upfront for boarding services in 2011 after we had a couple of dogs left with us and the owner skipped town. They were supposed to pay for training when they came back to pick the dogs up, but they dropped them off and never returned. After that, we started requiring payment upfront and we have never had a dog dumped with us since.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    In situations where an owner is in need of help and qualifies for our programs, but is not able to pay upfront, we have a handful of payment options. You can set your boarding date further out in the future than our first available date and make payments on it until it is paid off at drop off. The other option is to take private training, where we can split the cost into two payments. we also accept financing through PayPal and can take almost any major brand of credit card.
  • Will my dog have a different personality when he comes back from training?
    We get asked this question quite frequently. Your dogs personality and core temperament will not change. Their behavior will change. But that is why most of our clients come to us. The people that come work with us want to be able to walk their dog calmly and politely out in public and they want a dog that they can trust around friends and family, a dog that listens when told to do something, a dog that can be taken out off leash for hiking or trips to the lake house. We want to give you a dog that you can be proud of showing off to your friends. The difference will be that instead of a dog that needs to be hidden in a bedroom because he is a bite risk. Your dog will still love you and interact with you much in the same way that he or she does now, but your interactions will be much calmer and much more peaceful. Hopefully with much less yelling.
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